Our Services

We offer customized business consulting solutions. No business is like any other and our solutions are customized to your specific needs. You, your business and the issues you face are unique and you deserve a customized plan for success.

Our Services include (but not limited to):

  • Business Diagnostics
  • Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects
  • Process Improvement Consulting
  • E-Business Consulting
  • Focused Human Resources: recruiting, hiring correctly, retention, attrition
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Culture Enhancement and Change
  • Leadership Mentoring and Development
  • Mediation, Dispute & Conflict Resolution
  • Training: sales, customer service, phone skills
  • Evaluation of Marketing: effectiveness, message, material, medium, measurement
  • Strategic Planning: short and long term
  • Office Efficiency: systems and process analysis and development
  • Customer Service Evaluation: observations, phone conversation
  • Goal Setting: mission & vision statement, planning, implementing, results oriented, measurable outcome
  • Negotiations: employee, vendor, vendee
  • Financial Analysis
  • Exit Strategies: business valuations, positioning for exit or sale
  • Competitive Evaluations: measure yourself against your competition or assess the strengths and weaknesses of your organization

Our Rates

As our services are not "canned" neither are our rates. Your first consultation is free of charge and at that time we'll determine a fee structure that works for both of us. We pride ourselves in offering value to our clients. We Guarantee our services. If we don't add value then we don't expect to be compensated.

In a lot of cases we can provide a comprehensive assessment report for little cost. Beyond that, our level of involvement is up to you. We have some clients that pay by the hour, others that keep us on monthly retainer and others who call upon us for special projects.

The duration of our relationship is also flexible. If you only need us for a couple of key issues we can work short term. Others have chosen a long term approach seeking advice and guidance on an ongoing basis.

We look forward to learning more about your organization and customizing a plan that will move it to new heights and accomplishments.