Our People

Daniel Taylor: Has an innate ability to build confidence and rapport with clients allows them to readily accept his recommendations, and implement action plans that reap results. Heís a highly sought after consultant because of his extensive background in business-to-business relationships with a variety of people and organizations across a wide spectrum of industries and activities.

With 30 years of experience Dan has contributed to a variety of industries and gained broad experience through multiple business ventures and opportunities, consulting clients and previous employers. His background includes management, business development, partnership development, regional operations, C.O.O. responsibilities, event planning, marketing, sponsorship initiatives, non-profits, business start-ups, consulting and training for a number of organizations ranging from Fortune 500, to smaller privately held companies.

Danís degree is in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and a minor in Economics from the University of Northern Colorado. Heís had extensive training and proven success in sales, sales management, sales negotiations, management, leadership, organizational planning, interviewing, consulting solutions and has held several professional insurance and financial licenses and accreditations.

Danís business accomplishments include: Manager of the Year for Fedex, Representative of the Year with United Health Insurance and Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. He has also helped coordinate activities that have quadrupled revenues and dramatically increased profit margins with several of his consulting clients. He as rescued organizations from bankruptcy and helped redirect companies to new opportunities for success.

Tony Rose, MBA: Has over twenty-five years experience as a successful business owner. Tony's involvement has ranged from sales and service industries, real estate, development and construction, and tech and internet. He's taken companies from concept to funding through growth and sale.

Tony is gifted and excels at objectively analyzing situations, processes, markets, and customer interaction with businesses. Heís uses these skills to help organizations develop and implement work class programs and systems to meet the stated objectives of the client. From his first business ventures as a college student to today negotiating cross lateral contracts between multiple parties he has never lost sight of the fundamentals of business: provide a great service or product and exceed the customers expectations while generating a fair profit.

Through his experiences, Tony has developed a vast amount of knowledge in all areas of business operations including start-ups, systems, processes, marketing, personnel and the integration of each specialty into an efficiently operating organization.

Beyond Tonyís leadership in helping organizations implement effective policies and procedures, enhance productivity, and increased efficiency; he consistently identifies ways to grow revenues while reducing operating costs leading to increased profitability.